Flean pippuriset muistelmat…

…on lisätty Suomennokset-sivulle. Käänsin Red Hot Chili Peppersin basistin nuoruusvuosistaan kirjoittaman teoksen yhdessä Sirje Niitepõldin kanssa. Tämä New York Timesin bestseller-listallekin noussut kirja on funkyn ja vallattoman tekijänsä (kyllä, hän kirjoitti sen itse) näköinen tarina siitä, miten Fleasta tuli Flea.


The Past is Alive

It was so much fun making HMM videos (posted here earlier) that I decided to do it again. I found some more photos, took some music from my other bands and did a couple of Youtube videos just for the old times’ sake. To me, they’re like photo albums with a soundtrack.

Here’s Existence On/Off, the opening track of the Telenovelas’ album I am the Destroyer that Plastic Passion released in 2013.

This one’s much older, the music and the pictures date much further back. Like a Moviestar is from The Phantom Tones’ album Entitled Nameless, out on Hiljaiset Levyt in 2000.

Also, Hundred Million Martians has a new 12″ vinyl compilation out – well, not really out as in released, just a very, very limited edition was made for a certain special occasion, but it exists anyway, and because I did liner notes for this ultra-rarity, I decided to add it to the music and liner-notes pages here.

So, in a way, the past is alive.