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The Past is Alive

It was so much fun making HMM videos (posted here earlier) that I decided to do it again. I found some more photos, took some music from my other bands and did a couple of Youtube videos just for the old times’ sake. To me, they’re like photo albums with a soundtrack.

Here’s Existence On/Off, the opening track of the Telenovelas’ album I am the Destroyer that Plastic Passion released in 2013.

This one’s much older, the music and the pictures date much further back. Like a Moviestar is from The Phantom Tones’ album Entitled Nameless, out on Hiljaiset Levyt in 2000.

Also, Hundred Million Martians has a new 12″ vinyl compilation out – well, not really out as in released, just a very, very limited edition was made for a certain special occasion, but it exists anyway, and because I did liner notes for this ultra-rarity, I decided to add it to the music and liner-notes pages here.

So, in a way, the past is alive.


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