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Arched Fire: Remote Control (Wormholedeath 2021)

Hindsight 20/20, Back on Track, Remote-Controlled End, Crawling Down, …And Ride Away, A.T.W., Wormhole, Escape, Futile, From Dust to Dust



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Hundred Million Martians: Mars vs. The Martians 1993–2008 (Plastic Passion & Hiljaiset Levyt 2019)
”Ultra rare 12″ vinyl compilation spanning the criminally underrated recording career of the greatest rock & roll band in the known universe.” – AV –
Brighter Days / A Perfect Pop Song / Misery for Misery’s Sake / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Where Ever You Are I Hope That You’re Happy Now /// Atoll / Stompalong Cassidy (Yeah Yeah Yeah) / My Name Is April / Passed / Backseat of Your Soul
Very limited edition, out of print.


Telenovelas: I Am The Destroyer (Plastic Passion 2013)
”Debut album of the sci-fi-rock group Telenovelas. In their sharp, smart and multi-flavored songs rock’s edgy and primitive power meets colorful hypnotic ambience – like asteroids and glittering star dust.”
Existence On/Off / Countless Dimensions to Visit And Send Postcards From / Queen of the Moths / Black Curtains / Intergalactic Debauchery at the Red Light District of the Moon / Traveller Has Arrived / Spacetrain / Nuevo Paraiso Sundown / Dreaming in the Great Blizzard
Telenovelas’ singles in iTunes
Plastic Passion Discogs Webstore
: Existence On/Off (2013) Moon Rising, Electric Ghosts (2011)


Hundred Million Martians: Marseille (Plastic Passion 2008)
”If you are looking for a whole lot of fun and good rock music with traces of punkpop and powerpop, a visit to Marseille is well in order.” – One Chord to Another –
New Year’s Eve / Backseat of Your Soul / Life Ain’t That Bad, Girl / Hideaway / Passed / Take Back the Time / Across the Street / Another Reason Why / UC/BC / I Still Love the Feeling
Plastic Passion Discogs Webstore
Singles: Passed (Plastic Passion 2007), Take Back The Time (Plastic Passion 2008)


Hundred Million Martians: Solid Rock Planet (Plastic Passion 2004)
”Fuck Angst, Let’s Dance” ”Loud, fun, guitar – O.D.’d cliche – hailing rock” ”Anyone can repeat, these guys chose to innovate. Way to go… I say definitely get this CD ASAP.” – Glitzine –
Atoll / Stompalong Cassidy (Yeah Yeah Yeah) / It’s All Yeah / Genuine Plastic / +1 / Out of the Shade / My Name Is April / My Way / Where the Sun Will Always Shine / Dumber! Louder! Faster! / Good Things
Plastic Passion Discogs Webstore

Singles: Stompalong Cassidy (Plastic Passion 2004), My Name Is April (Plastic Passion 2005)
On compilations: Excitement of Possibility (Meet the Scene, Rhythm Barrel 2001) I Atoll (Sue cd 3, Sue 2002) I Far Out, Baby (Ten Plastic Years, Plastic Passion 2004) I Ono (From Me to You) (Crash Course from the Underground, Woimasointu 2005) I Atoll (Killa Manilla, Manilla PR 2005)


The Phantom Tones: Entitled Nameless ( Hiljaiset Levyt 2000)
Should I Stay or Should I Go, I had it on the radio. This nod to The Clash in the lyrics of Time Goes On acknowledges just one of the late ’70s punk and new wave influences that permeate the sound and spirit of the Phantom Tones’ promising debut full-length CD.” – Snowbound –
Tell Me / Falling Down / It’s Not You / You Didn’t Know Me / Running / Fire / Like a Moviestar / No Angels / Driving Song / Time Goes On / When the Lights Go Out / Sapphire & Steel
Hiljaiset Levyt Discogs Webstore
Singles: Just Fine EP (Grandma Records 1997), Phantastico EP (Hiljaiset levyt 1999)
On compilations: Tell Me (Tervetuloa kioskiin Vol. 1, TUG Records 2003).
(Everything’s Just) Fine (demo), Make a Wish (demo) (Sue CD Vol. 2, SUECD-002, 1997)



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