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Arched Fire Launch ”From Dust to Dust” video!

From Dust to Dust is a track taken from Arched Fire’s critically acclaimed album Remote Control out via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music.

From Dust to Dust is the fourth lyric video single off Arched Fire’s critically acclaimed debut album Remote Control. The video was made by J. Hevander.

Ari: ”From Dust to Dust is the oldest song on our album. We first started playing it in October 1989, believe it not. But that’s only the riffs. The arrangement and especially the vocal lines and the lyrics by Mr. Herkman breathed a new kind of life into the whole thing. It was born again cosmic and existential. It’s the last song on the album. It’s a perfect slot for it both thematically and musically. It’s a punchy heavy metal song with lyrics deep as space and time. When we started talking about who could feat on the song, I knew the guys were all fans of a certain Finnish scientist, so…”

Kristian: ”I think it was Ari who had the idea to ask Esko Valtaoja to feature on our song titled From Dust to Dust. Esko is the most famous Finnish astronomer, and the song is about how our atoms are made in dying stars. We thought it was perfect, and soon Esko replied that he is in for the job! We went through some texts that Esko had written before and Ari found the perfect one to fit the song. Esko sent us a video of him reading the text and we separated the audio from it into the mix. The lyrics of the song deal with death and ponder upon what is existence. Matter is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. So, we are made of indestructible energy! But what is us and where do we end? Death feels like something is lost, but in emptiness there is a potential for something new. Each human is spending just a tiny moment in space-time.”

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Arched Fire: Video & cd out now!

Finnish heavy metallers ARCHED FIRE present ”Escape” [Lyric Video]. ”Escape” is a track taken from Arched Fire’s album ”Remote Control” out via Wormholedeath worldwide. ”Remote Control” will be available in CD format on 11 06 2021 via Aural Music Group.

”Escape” is a story of a man who strives to get out of the misery and blight that is his life. He rises to power and spreads misery among others. It all happens in a world where people have the power to change their social position. The lyrics also has some references to the band’s early days (1989-1990) in the cold and dark, yet beautiful Finnish Lapland – a bunch of 15-year-old guys formed a metal band in a small town where there was no metal scene whatsoever and where guys with long hair were frowned upon.

The album’s out!

What a great way to begin May Day celebrations: ”Remote Control”, Arched Fire’s debut album, is now available in both digital and physical format.

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”Remote Control” – buy the CD!

”Remote Control”, Arched Fire’s debut album out on April 30th 2021 via Wormholedeath, is also available on CD.

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Arched Fire: Wormhole

Here’s our new video, album out on April 30th 2021!

Arched Fire: New Song & Video!

The Finnish metal band’s debut single ponders the powers of the algorithms.

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first video single of Arched Fire, a Finnish metal band working on their debut album to be released later this year. Musically, Arched Fire is where heavy metal meets speed metal—“hevispiidi”, as a Finnish radio dj called them a long time ago.

“We’ve only had this band for a couple of years, but there was a long break in between”, says Ari, their guitar player.

Formed in Finnish Lapland, Arched Fire played a bunch of gigs in 1989–1990, when the band members were still in school. Now, together with their new singer, the re-formed band has written and recorded an album’s worth on new songs based on the sketches and ideas from back in the day.

“We’ve made a metal record with old-school dynamics and present-day standards. When your teenage kicks meet your current musical skills, it is a lot of fun.”

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first single off their forthcoming album Remote Control. The theme of the songs is smart-phone addiction and the AI revolution, the power of algorithms over people. 

Remote Control will be released later in 2021.

Hei hei, infernaalinen 2016

Koska vuosi vetelee viimeisiään, on paikallaan koota tänne nettiin kertyneitä juttuja.

Alkakaamme raskaammasta päästä. Tässä linkit lehden netissä julkaistuihin Infernon artikkeleihin:


”Elämässäni on aina ollut sosiaalinen ja kunnollinen puoli” – haastattelussa Darkthronen Fenriz

”Musiikin pitää kuulostaa bändiltä, ei minulta” – haastattelussa mestarituottaja, Convergen kitaristinakin tunnettu Kurt Ballou

”Hyvä, jos kaikilla ei oo nastaa eikä kliffaa” – haastattelussa Kypck

”Soololevyn palautteen huomaan ottavani henkilökohtaisemmin” – haastattelussa Kuolemanlaakson sooloileva pääjehu Markus Laakso

”Trendien perässä juoksijat ovat varmaankin jo hylänneet tämän jutun ja siirtyneet johonkin uuteen” – haastattelussa doombändi Lord Vicar

”Perustimme Kvelertakin siksi, että saamme soittaa huviksemme kellarissa” – lue bändin solistin haastattelu

”Voi olla, että kun menen studioon, saattaa syntyä Ministryltä kuulostavaa musiikkia” – haastattelussa Al Jourgensen

”Folk metal on pahinta mahdollista kuraa” – haastattelussa Moonsorrow

Metallican Master of Puppets 30 vuotta – lue pitkä artikkelimme hirviön synnystä!

Luunkerääjä – haastattelussa Glenn Danzig



Master of Puppets 30 vuotta, lue hirviön synnystä Infernosta

Hevimammutti Metallican kolmas albumi, käänteentekevä mestariteos Master of Puppets julkaistiin päivälleen kolmekymmentä vuotta sitten.

Juhlan kunniaksi kirjoitin albumista artikkelin Infernoon.

Puppetsin tekemisestä ja merkityksestä kertova juttu sai komealta kalskahtavan nimen Hirviön synty.

Master of Puppets I’m clicking your link eli ole ihmeessä oma herrasi ja lue!

Juttu on julkaistu myös Infernossa 2/2016.