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You Wanna Know What It’s Like?

”We’re living in strange times”, I’ve heard people say time and time again lately – and now I finally know what they mean by it:

Desert Inn Records, the Italian label that around 20 years ago decided to make a tribute album for the Boys and the Hollywood Brats, have finally released it!

The record is called You Wanna Know What It’s Like and it is now out in a format that was barely thought about when the project started: It’s available for streaming.

What this has to do with me? Not much, except that the band that I later joined, Hundred Million Martians, made a version of ”Soda Pressing” and now it’s out at last. I’m not on it personally, but I almost feel like I am.

If I may suggest: instead of listening to it for free buy the digital album. Why? Because the money goes to the Italian Red Cross  to help them to help people to get through these strange times with epidemics, sudden age-old tribute records coming out and pandemics and death and stuff.

If you wanna know what it’s like, here you go:
You wanna know what it’s like?
A Tribute to the Hollywood Brats & The Boys