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The album’s out!

What a great way to begin May Day celebrations: ”Remote Control”, Arched Fire’s debut album, is now available in both digital and physical format.

”Remote Control” is available on all digital platforms. Click HERE to choose yours!

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”Remote Control” – buy the CD!

”Remote Control”, Arched Fire’s debut album out on April 30th 2021 via Wormholedeath, is also available on CD.

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Arched Fire: Wormhole

Here’s our new video, album out on April 30th 2021!

Arched Fire: New Song & Video!

The Finnish metal band’s debut single ponders the powers of the algorithms.

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first video single of Arched Fire, a Finnish metal band working on their debut album to be released later this year. Musically, Arched Fire is where heavy metal meets speed metal—“hevispiidi”, as a Finnish radio dj called them a long time ago.

“We’ve only had this band for a couple of years, but there was a long break in between”, says Ari, their guitar player.

Formed in Finnish Lapland, Arched Fire played a bunch of gigs in 1989–1990, when the band members were still in school. Now, together with their new singer, the re-formed band has written and recorded an album’s worth on new songs based on the sketches and ideas from back in the day.

“We’ve made a metal record with old-school dynamics and present-day standards. When your teenage kicks meet your current musical skills, it is a lot of fun.”

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first single off their forthcoming album Remote Control. The theme of the songs is smart-phone addiction and the AI revolution, the power of algorithms over people. 

Remote Control will be released later in 2021.

Kvelertak klik klik

Infernon numerossa 5/2016 ilmestynyt Kvelertak-juttuni löytyy myös netistä. Rajun norjalaisryhmän laulaja Erlend Hjelvik kertoo siinä, millaista on suunnata itse oma tähtäimensä. Siinä on puolensa!

Artikkeli löytyy Infernon nettisivuilta. Klik!

Master of Puppets 30 vuotta, lue hirviön synnystä Infernosta

Hevimammutti Metallican kolmas albumi, käänteentekevä mestariteos Master of Puppets julkaistiin päivälleen kolmekymmentä vuotta sitten.

Juhlan kunniaksi kirjoitin albumista artikkelin Infernoon.

Puppetsin tekemisestä ja merkityksestä kertova juttu sai komealta kalskahtavan nimen Hirviön synty.

Master of Puppets I’m clicking your link eli ole ihmeessä oma herrasi ja lue!

Juttu on julkaistu myös Infernossa 2/2016.