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Hanoi Rocks book in English!

Accidents happen about every day, but this day is special…

I’m pleased to let you know that All Those Wasted Years, the Hanoi Rocks book that I wrote, is now available in English. It is published today, November the 18th 2016, on Cleopatra Books.

I can’t even begin to explain how special this particular pile of paper is to me on both personal and professional level. So, I probably shouldn’t. But let me just say that writing it was a labor of love. Something I really needed to do. For myself, for the band, for the Hanoi fans. I started to work on it many years before I told anyone what I was up to. And then, when I felt ready, I e-mailed Michael Monroe, and things began to happen. My little personal project turned into this wonderful trip that I’ll cherish for the rest of my days.

And now, seven years after the Finnish version, All Those Wasted Years is finally out there for the whole world to read. It’s a story about determination and talent, bravery and tragedy, opposites that attract, subways and bullet trains, boulevards and back alleys, and the fire within.

It’s about a dream that wouldn’t die. It’s about Hanoi Rocks, the coolest band ever. I hope you’ll find All Those Wasted Years entertaining and inspiring. I hope it’ll open your eyes to see what a wonderful band Hanoi Rocks were, musically and spiritually.

The book comes with a 7″ single with two previously unreleased tracks. The vinyl is red, white, blue or green, and it comes in a cool cloth bag. There’s also a personal note from Mr. Monroe.

Excerpts from the book were used as the liner notes of Cleopatra’s new Hanoi Rocks cd and vinyl box sets, called Strange Boys Box. Now, that’s what I call a great book soundtrack!

Go take a look:

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