Vive Le (Hanoi) Rock!

Any good publicity is good publicity!

The latest issue (No. 44) of the excellent British rock magazine Vive Le Rock has Hanoi Rocks on the cover. In the article, the writer Joe Whyte calls All Those Wasted Years the book ”a gorgeous work of art as well as a document that details every nuance of a band that lived life like every minute was their last.”

The previous issue (No. 43, The Stranglers on the cover) had Whyte’s review of the book: ”With few punches pulled in the text, this is a stunning legacy of a band who birthed a million imitators.”


Buy Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years:

Cleopatra’s Online Shop


Backstage Rock Shop


Deadline Music

Levykauppa Äx

Big Dipper



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