Martians caught on video – see the photos!

Hundred Million Martians, that is. It’s the band I was in some years ago.

I found a bunch of old band shots on my computer, went all nostalgic and decided to teach myself to make videos.

Here’s Stompalong Cassidy (Yeah Yeah Yeah), one of my favourite songs in the HMM repertoire. It’s from the band’s third album Solid Rock Planet (Plastic Passion 2004). Photos: Nina Lampela.


And this one’s from out final album Marseille (Plastic Passion 2008). It’s a great tune and one of the first songs we rehearsed for the studio sessions. Photos: Satu Mäkelä, Ari-Pekka Lehtisalo, Nina Lampela.

Read more about the band. Visit my music page.

10 Wasted Years!

Vietän itsekseni kymmenvuotiskirjailijajuhlaa. Ensimmäinen kirjani Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years nimittäin ilmestyi kymmenen vuotta sitten, aprillipäivänä 1.4.2009. Jei!

Se kevät oli aiiiiivannn mieletön huipennus monen vuoden kirjoitustyölle ja määrätietoiselle haaveilulle, ja siitä alkoi ammatillisessa mielessä uusi vaihe elämässä.

Olen edelleen sillä tiellä ja tiedän olevani etuoikeutettu. Näissä hommissa kokemiani asioita ja keräämiäni muistoja ei voi rahalla ostaa. Se sopii hyvin, koska rahaahan on lähinnä vain rikkailla.

’Scuse my Finnish. I was just saying that my first book, the Finnish edition of Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years came out ten years ago, on April 1st 2009. Dance like nobody’s watching! C-e-l-eb-r-a-t-e!

I know I will, because the book started a whole new chapter in my professional life… And come to think of it, in all my life. That spring was a blast and gave me experiences and memories money can’t buy – which suits me fine, since I don’t have much!

Pokkaria saa vielä mm. täältä.
The 2016 English edition is available here.


Michael Monroe -jättipokkari – Read Like F**k!

Michael Monroe -kirja on julkaistu jättipokkarina! 

Pikaisen guugeloinnin perusteella pehmeäkantista eeposta myyvät netissä ainakin Levykauppa ÄxSuomalainen kirjakauppa,, Adlibris ja Sen löytää myös ihan oikeistakin myymälöistä eli kirjakaupoista.

On hieno juttu, että Monroe-kirjan elämä jatkuu edelleen, sillä aiemmat viisi painosta on myyty loppuun. Like Kustannuksen Monroe-kirjasivu arvostelulainauksineen on täällä ja Michael Monroen virallinen nettisivusto täällä.

Ja tarina jatkuu kohti uusia lukuja: Michael Monroe on loka-marraskuussa kiertueella, ja uusi albumi on tulossa.

Liner notes for Monroe classics!

Excuse me for being busy and lazy – these gems have been out there for a while already. But I suppose a little late update is in order, as at least of some of the new versions are still available.

Svart Records released two Michael Monroe albums on vinyl, his solo debut Nights Are So Long (1987) and Peace of Mind (1996). Knowing me as the Hanoi-and-related enthusiast that I am, they asked me to write the liner notes. I duly did the honors, of course. These albums are very important for me personally, especially Peace of Mind, now available on vinyl for the first time.

Order here: Michael Monroe albums on Svart Records’ web site

There are more to these releases than my scribblings. A job well done with the cover art and mastering. Bonus tracks and new photos on both of ’em. I sincerely recommend that you’d check these records out in any format. It’s only rock’n’roll (except for the ”Peace of Mind” title track, that’s an actual piéce de résistance!), but if that’s your thing, you’ll love these.

Well-Read by X-Mas? Get The Hanoi Rocks book!

Exactly a year ago, on November the 18th 2016, Cleopatra Books put out a gorgeous English edition of the Hanoi Rocks book All Those Wasted Years.

Since then, the response has been fantastic. People from all over the world have contacted me just to say thank you! Oh, please – don’t mention it, I’m just happy and honored to get to be a part of this. After all, it is the greatest rock’n’roll story ever!

Wanna read it? Here’s where you’ll find the book:

Cleopatra’s Online Shop


Backstage Rock Shop


Deadline Music

Levykauppa Äx

Big Dipper


Giunti al Punto (Italia)

Vive Le (Hanoi) Rock!

Any good publicity is good publicity!

The latest issue (No. 44) of the excellent British rock magazine Vive Le Rock has Hanoi Rocks on the cover. In the article, the writer Joe Whyte calls All Those Wasted Years the book ”a gorgeous work of art as well as a document that details every nuance of a band that lived life like every minute was their last.”

The previous issue (No. 43, The Stranglers on the cover) had Whyte’s review of the book: ”With few punches pulled in the text, this is a stunning legacy of a band who birthed a million imitators.”


Buy Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years:

Cleopatra’s Online Shop


Backstage Rock Shop


Deadline Music

Levykauppa Äx

Big Dipper