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The Razzle book in English: Nice price, worldwide delivery

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Pari haastattelua netissä, Helsingin kirjamessut tulossa

Vierailin äskettäin Tampereen kaupunginkirjastossa Musiikkikirjojen illassa. Ennen minua haastateltavina ovat Aki Sirkesalosta kirjan kirjoittaneet Antti Luukkanen ja Laura Haarala. Katso video täältä.

Turun Sanomien TS Kirja -klubilla Tuomo Karhu jututti minua ja Sauli Miettistä. Katso video täältä.

Seuraava vastaava keikka on Helsingin kirjamessuilla perjantaina 28.10. klo 16. Nähdään!


Razzle in Amazon.de

My Razzle book is now available in Amazon.de. Other options on the Kirjat/Books page!

Razzle: Veglam interview

Veglam asked me a few good questions about the Razzle book. Read it here!

Razzle – The Story of the Hanoi Rocks Legend out today!

Today’s the official release day of my latest book, the English version of Razzle – The Story of the Hanoi Rocks Legend.

To me personally, this book project felt very special and important. I’m happy to see people have been looking forward to the English version.

I’d like to dedicate this book to those who aren’t with us anymore. During the writing process, several people involved in Razzle’s story sadly passed away. So, this is for you, Timo Kaltio, Seppo Vesterinen, Scott Bushburt, Ron Creaser and Shaun Newnham. We remember you, and we remember Razzle.

Buy the book:


Record Shop X / Levykauppa Äx

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Horizons Music

Rough Trade

Hardcover book

A funny and wistful saga of a mythical cult icon

Razzle played drums in Hanoi Rocks. His life ended in a car accident involving the singer in Mötley Crüe. But who really was Razzle, and what was his life like?

To answer these questions, the author of this book interviewed dozens of people who knew Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley. Together with old interview quotes, their stories create an image of a lovable rascal who was always up for a practical joke, kept his band together, and loved his rock’n’roll lifestyle from the bottom of his soul.

Razzle lived fast and died young, but he affected countless lives.

See the neat cover art by Four Eyes Design below!

Razzle in the Isle of Wight County Press

The Isle of Wight County Press from Razzle’s home island did a write-up about the book.

Read it here: https://www.countypress.co.uk/news/19862803.new-book-tells-isle-wights-hanoi-rock-drummer-razzles-story/

Hanoi Rocks book links

People often ask me where to buy ”All Those Wasted Years” the book. It’s been out of print for a while now, so i really don’t know.

However, I found a couple of links to it today. Check these out, I hope they’re what you’re looking for. Expensive as hell, but whatcha gonna do about it?



Hanoi Rocks -äänikirja

Ensimmäinen kirjani Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years on ilmestynyt äänikirjana. Markus Niemen lukeman teoksen löydät muun muassa täältä.

Arched Fire Launch ”From Dust to Dust” video!

From Dust to Dust is a track taken from Arched Fire’s critically acclaimed album Remote Control out via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music.

From Dust to Dust is the fourth lyric video single off Arched Fire’s critically acclaimed debut album Remote Control. The video was made by J. Hevander.

Ari: ”From Dust to Dust is the oldest song on our album. We first started playing it in October 1989, believe it not. But that’s only the riffs. The arrangement and especially the vocal lines and the lyrics by Mr. Herkman breathed a new kind of life into the whole thing. It was born again cosmic and existential. It’s the last song on the album. It’s a perfect slot for it both thematically and musically. It’s a punchy heavy metal song with lyrics deep as space and time. When we started talking about who could feat on the song, I knew the guys were all fans of a certain Finnish scientist, so…”

Kristian: ”I think it was Ari who had the idea to ask Esko Valtaoja to feature on our song titled From Dust to Dust. Esko is the most famous Finnish astronomer, and the song is about how our atoms are made in dying stars. We thought it was perfect, and soon Esko replied that he is in for the job! We went through some texts that Esko had written before and Ari found the perfect one to fit the song. Esko sent us a video of him reading the text and we separated the audio from it into the mix. The lyrics of the song deal with death and ponder upon what is existence. Matter is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. So, we are made of indestructible energy! But what is us and where do we end? Death feels like something is lost, but in emptiness there is a potential for something new. Each human is spending just a tiny moment in space-time.”

Buy it on CD! (Record Shop X/Levykauppa Äx)

Buy it on CD! (Aural Music Webstore)

Stream the album!