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Arched Fire: Wormhole

Here’s our new video, album out on April 30th 2021!

Arched Fire: New Song & Video!

The Finnish metal band’s debut single ponders the powers of the algorithms.

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first video single of Arched Fire, a Finnish metal band working on their debut album to be released later this year. Musically, Arched Fire is where heavy metal meets speed metal—“hevispiidi”, as a Finnish radio dj called them a long time ago.

“We’ve only had this band for a couple of years, but there was a long break in between”, says Ari, their guitar player.

Formed in Finnish Lapland, Arched Fire played a bunch of gigs in 1989–1990, when the band members were still in school. Now, together with their new singer, the re-formed band has written and recorded an album’s worth on new songs based on the sketches and ideas from back in the day.

“We’ve made a metal record with old-school dynamics and present-day standards. When your teenage kicks meet your current musical skills, it is a lot of fun.”

“Remote-Controlled End” is the first single off their forthcoming album Remote Control. The theme of the songs is smart-phone addiction and the AI revolution, the power of algorithms over people. 

Remote Control will be released later in 2021.

INFERNO: Sharon den Adel, Mika Jussila, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Turmion Kätilöt, Oranssi Pazuzu

Raskaan rockin erikoislehti Inferno on julkaissut nettisivuillaan minunkin viime aikoina kirjoittamiani juttuja. Suorat linkit löytyvät alta.

Sharon den Adel: ”Bändi on edelleen suurin intohimoni”

Turmion kätilöt: ”On hurjaa kuultavaa, kun joku kertoo., että…”

Masterointiguru Mika Jussila: ”Pidän itseäni työkaluna tai reiskana….”

Oranssi Pazuzu: ”Uudessa levyssä on kyse siitä, miten helposti joukkoja voi johtaa psykoosiin”

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus: ”Rockista on tullut perinnemusiikkia”