Razzle – The Story of the Hanoi Rocks Legend out today!

Today’s the official release day of my latest book, the English version of Razzle – The Story of the Hanoi Rocks Legend.

To me personally, this book project felt very special and important. I’m happy to see people have been looking forward to the English version.

I’d like to dedicate this book to those who aren’t with us anymore. During the writing process, several people involved in Razzle’s story sadly passed away. So, this is for you, Timo Kaltio, Seppo Vesterinen, Scott Bushburt, Ron Creaser and Shaun Newnham. We remember you, and we remember Razzle.

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Hardcover book

A funny and wistful saga of a mythical cult icon

Razzle played drums in Hanoi Rocks. His life ended in a car accident involving the singer in Mötley Crüe. But who really was Razzle, and what was his life like?

To answer these questions, the author of this book interviewed dozens of people who knew Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley. Together with old interview quotes, their stories create an image of a lovable rascal who was always up for a practical joke, kept his band together, and loved his rock’n’roll lifestyle from the bottom of his soul.

Razzle lived fast and died young, but he affected countless lives.

See the neat cover art by Four Eyes Design below!



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